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EE3 LLC is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Boulder, Colorado. EE3 LLC is the successor company to Ellora Energy Inc. which held over 850,000 net acres in the Hugoton field in Kansas and 71,000 net acres in East Texas and Louisiana. Following the successful sale of the Hugoton assets to Occidental Petroleum in early 2010 for just under one quarter of a billion dollars, Exxon Mobil purchased Ellora Energy Inc. later that year. The Exxon transaction was valued at just under three-quarters of a billion dollars, providing investors with over a 4.5 return on investment. Key members of the Ellora management team then formed EE3 LLC and began looking for their next venture.

In February 2013, with funding once again from Yorktown Energy Partners in New York and other investors, EE3 LLC closed on the purchase of approximately 100,000 acres in North Park (Jackson County), Colorado. The property in North Park consists of seven horizontal and two vertical wells. The EE3 LLC team plans to apply a variety of completion and production techniques to the properties to increase production. In addition, they have a comprehensive drilling plan which will allow them to develop and further prove the potential of the North Park Basin.

Media Coverage:

Dec 23, 2013

Denver Business Journal: Boulder oil and gas company targets Colorado's North Park oil resources

Press Releases:

Dec 10, 2013

EE3 LLC's Damfino #02-06H North Park Basin Niobrara Well Averages 685 BOEPD during 30-day Test Period

Oct. 14, 2013

EE3 LLC Completes Record Niobrara Horizontal Well in North Park Basin

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